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Brandy is not rum, whisky or gin.
Brandy is totally different. Perfect for having a good time and mixing with whatever you want. It’s the drink that goes with absolutely anything.

Brandy is a smooth-tasting distillate of singular quality made with grape spirit and aged in oak casks. Caramel-coloured, it’s just as delicious alone as it is in any kind of drink or cocktail. Mix it with cola, orange, ginger ale, chocolate milkshake, coffee or whatever you want.

Magno is a special designation (Denominación Específica) Jerez brandy, and we age it in American oak barrels (or ‘botas’, as they are known in the Cádiz province) previously containing sherries. From a combination of centuries-old expertise, top-quality raw materials and wood-ageing  comes an exquisite and intense sensory experience which… well, you’ll find out.

If you really want to know what it’s like, try it on a night out with your friends!

Magno tasting sheet